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terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

The First Kiss - How To Do It And How To Know If She Wants It

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In any relationship, the first kiss can be a time of high anxiety. It's not easy for a lot of guys, particularly those who have been out of the dating scene for a long time.

You've got good reason to be nervous when kissing her for the first time. The first kiss is for some women, a way of sensing chemistry and compatibility.

The way that you initiate that kiss is as critical as the execution of the kiss itself. There are a number of complex cues that women sense either consciously or unconsciously.

Know that the first kiss is very important and is not merely something to get out of the way. Listed here are 3 tips about doing it the right way.

1.) The First Kiss - You simply will not create a good impression if you ask her for permission.

Naturally you shouldn't start kissing simply because you want to. It is important to know the right moment to act. When there is a romantic tension and she shows signs that she is attracted to you, then it is time to take action.

Asking for permission at this point kills the romance of the moment, which is very important for her. Asking for permission is something a boy in grade school would do. Women love the idea of a powerful, confident man who takes control and sweeps her off her feet.

2.) The First Kiss - Women signal their attraction to a man in a number of ways.

Is she touching you in casual ways such as reading your palm? Perhaps she held on to you for support. Did she inadvertently brush her hand across yours?

Eye contact is equally important. Have you caught her making quick glances at you? Are you getting prolonged eye contact while conversing?

Are her eyes taking in the details of your face? Perhaps her roaming eyes linger on your lips. Do you find her leaning in to be closer to you?

Does she seem slightly nervous? Perhaps she plays with her hair in your presence. Look at her pupils and check to see if they are dilated.

3.) The First Kiss - Start your kiss slowly, as if in slow motion.

Look into her eyes and at her mouth. Take her hand. If she doesn't pull away or resist, finish the kiss. You can also cradle her face in your hands or caress her hair as you start the kiss.

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