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sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

What To Do When Your Ex Has Just Broken Up With You

We all panic when we break up and when your ex has just broken up with you, you are likely to feel hurt, angry and perhaps a little bewildered.

So what can you do?  It really depends on whether you want this man or not.  If you don't want him in your life, allow yourself to grieve for the relationship and then look forward to having fun being single.  Don't waste time trying to get revenge on this man as you will only end up hurting yourself.

But if you really want this man in your life and perhaps feel your behaviour has contributed to the break up, there are a couple of things you can do.

Your first one is to let him know how you feel. Write him a letter, apologising for any bad behaviour and reminding him of the good times you shared together.  Don't be afraid to tell him how much he means to you and how much you miss him.

Assuming you get a positive response to your letter, agree to meet him but do so in a public place. This will help prevent your discussions turning into a huge argument. You will need to be prepared to tell your man how you feel. Don't hide your feelings. If you are angry tell him why but try not to turn the meeting into a blame fest.

This will not help you in convincing him that you are good together. Keep the conversation to facts and also use the word I and not you. For example you should say "I feel let down" rather than "you let me down". This is a lot less confrontational and less likely to cause offence or lead to another argument.

Allow him to criticise you as well.  It is best if this is done in a constructive way.  We all have our faults and some of your less attractive character traits may be, in part, to blame for why he broke up with you.

It is very important that you listen to what he says. Don't assume you know what he is trying to say. Encourage him to say what is on his mind as this is the opportunity for you both to work through any issues in your relationship and come out of this a stronger couple. He may have made the decision to break up, but your behaviour probably contributed to his decision.

Do not play games and don't feel that you have to hold something back in order to make him come back to you. This will only cause feelings of resentment which may lead to you splitting up again. Don't look on a breakup as a negative. All couples go through good and bad patches.  It is a normal feature of adult relationships.

Follow these tips and one day as a happy couple, you may actually be thankful that for the day you found out that your ex has just broken up with you.

sábado, 12 de março de 2011

First Date Tips For Men - A Few Fundamental But Very Vital Tips That Work

The search for dating tips and, mainly, dating tips and advice for men have been so huge these days. It is basically impossible to ignore the lack of good “guy dating tips” there have been on the Internet, so I decided to write this article. “Male dating tips” is a simple but personal subject so I cannot give you a dating tips like “say this” or “say that” and you are safe. I Hope it helps you.

The best first date tips for men are simply to look good, sound intelligent, and listen well. Spend your time together exploring each others wants, needs, and desires. Never try too hard to sell yourself. Any relationship is only worthwhile if it is truly mutual. Just as anyone else you will meet, you will want to impress them first by being yourself.

Let us first start with the essentially apparent. Never show up at a date, in particular a first date, not shaved, smelling funny, or looking bad. Most women certainly place loads of weight on good hygiene. Having bad breath, dirty clothes or body odors are all fine ways to end your relationship before it ever starts.

When you have the funds, go out and buy a new shirt, maybe some shoes or a pair of pants. Never say that you bought them especially for her, even when you did. If things do work out for you, you will think of her every time you wear them. If it happens that you never do see her again, you still will have some great new clothes. You are not able to lose on this one.

Never be late, never be too early, and just be there on time. If you are late, you undoubtedly are thought of as unreliable, erratic, and unpredictable. If you are early, you have interrupted her process, preparation, or plan. She is dressing up, doing makeup, and getting pretty. Be there exactly when you said you would.

Anywhere, with any woman and anytime, it is the best idea to provide a true compliment to her on how good she looks. Be honest and find a thing you really like. Never lie, grossly exaggerate, or go overboard. Merely make some sincere announcement about her hair, shoes, or dress.

Listen to each word she may say, whether you actually want to or not. This is imperative when you are out on a first date or have dated a thousand times. Women will always remember every solitary word they ever will say to you and you also should remember. Only agree with her when it is earnest, truthful, and heartfelt.

Of course, nobody wants to listen to someone only talk about himself or herself, be ignored, or get bored. Listen to her and ask some questions. Whenever she mentions something you both have in common, make a few statements about how that applies to you and then listen some more.

 Here is the best dating tip for men: the main mistake that most men will ever make is to talk too much about themselves. If you do not actually care what she is talking about, you should be dating another person. If she is mainly interested in music, theater and art and you only care about boxing, golf and football, you should likely move on.

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